The premise is simple, we believe there is lots to do in Roanoke, you just don’t know about it. After hearing the complaint one too many times, three friends decided to do something about it.

As we became more involved in the project we were surprised at everything that goes on in our humble little town. There really IS something going on every night of the week.

We have found a few other websites about nightlife and live music in Roanoke, however none of them cover the Roanoke Valley like we do. Our goal is to inform you about what is going on in the Roanoke Valley, whether it’s the Pop Rivet’s playing at Martin’s or DJ Dollar Bill hosting Karaoke at Awful Arthur’s. We want you to get out of the house and enjoy what Roanoke has to offer.

Come to the site, on the first page you’ll see everything that’s going tonight. Click on a heading if you want more details, click on the Calendar to check out events on other dates. We’re your one stop shop for making plans, check us on Friday evening before you head out. Check us on Wednesday night when you feel like some mid week entertainment. The point is, there is something to do in Roanoke, and now you know about it.

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