Greystone Tavern damaged by fire

December 11, 2008 at 9:31 AM (Bars, Greystone Tavern) (, , , , , )

We have some sad news to report this morning, Greystone Taven was badly damaged by fire overnight. Greystone is located on Kessler Mill Rd. and books a ton of live music from both local and national acts. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but let’s keep the owners in our thoughts.

Here are some links for more information:

I’ll add updates throughout the day as news warrants.

Update: 1:00PM

The Roanoke Times article now calls the building a total loss. has added an article stating that fire investigators do not believe the fire to be arson.

Update: 5:00PM

The cutNscratch blog post about Greystone is seeing heavy comment traffic today with many people voicing their opinons about the Greystone Tavern fire. Of course RoanokeNights had to chime in with a post of our own:

“This is a sad day for many people. No matter what your feelings are toward the management at Greystone Tavern, I would hope that they could be put aside and we could think of the many people this affects directly. Not only have the owners potentially lost their investment and livelihood, Greystone employed several waitresses, bartenders, and bouncers that are now out of work. There are musicians around the valley that are a few gigs short in the coming months. There will certainly be a noticeable drop in live music options, as Greystone had a full schedule throughout most of 2009. Disagree all you want about the business practices of Greystone Tavern, but keep in mind all those who’s livelihood is affected by this tragedy.”

Update 11:30PM

Late word tonight from unfortunately indicates that Greystone Tavern was not insured.

Update 12/12 7:00AM

The Roanoke Times has posted a new article with several new details. It mentions a break-in that happened Tuesday Night, gives a brief history of the building, and includes some thoughts from Derek Cupp about the future of Greystone Tavern.

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